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Wed, May. 17th, 2006, 08:07 am
hokelore: Midwest Mandolin Festival

Anyone finding themselves in the wilds of Indiana on June 3rd and 4th
might want to check out the 2nd Annual Midwest Mandolin Festival.

Details here: http://www.mandolindy.com/Second%20MMF%20Performers.html

There won't be loads of Old-Time, but Ann and Phil Case from Dayton
will be there (there was an article about them in Old Time Herald a
couple of years ago), and Homer Pass will be there. Homer is 83, I
believe, an inductee in the Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame. I got
to meet Homer last year, and pick with him a little. He's a nice old
guy, and terrific performer.

Plus, my contradance band will play an old-time tune or two during our