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Old Time Music

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Does old time trip your trigger? Does the sound of a clawhammer banjo make your feet start tappin'? Then welcome, for this is the Old Time Music home on livejournal.
Whether you love the music, or want to learn more about it, you're invited to join in. Making mix tapes for others is greatly encouraged.
So come on in, pull up a stool, and get ready for the old time revolution!


old time music resources
The Old-Time Music Homepage
Old Time Music On The Web
Dirty Linen magazine

Alleghany County Fiddlers' Convention
Burgiss Barn (not technically a festival, but a heckuva good place to go hear some great music
FestivalFinder (great place to search for festivals near you)
Fiddlers' Grove
Mt. Airy Fiddlers' Convention
Old Fiddlers' Convention (the biggest and oldest in the world!)
Mountain Music Jamboree (ongoing thing, happens every Saturday night)

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